Want to serve Jesus in a new, creative way? Have something on your heart that doesn’t fit into the normal categories? You just may be a “wildcard.” A wildcard is anyone who wants to advance the Kingdom of God using personal initiative and creativity.

This book will focus on inspiration, Biblical guidelines, and sharing ideas and stories. My goal is to equip you. My goal is to fan the flame of your talents.

What you’ll find in this book is a series of short thoughts. Some inspiring, some practical, and some thought provoking. Whether you’re a juggler, a lawyer, a rapper or a school teacher, my goal is to help you discover new and creative ways to serve Jesus with your quirky, unique and otherwise amazing talents. This book isn’t a “how-to” manual. Ultimately, you have to prayerfully find your own way in your wildcard journey. I hope you do. We need you, just the way God made you.

Sound fun? Download my book now and let’s get started…